• The Content to be developed should include Characteristics of Leadership i.e. Sacrifice/selflessness, Honesty, integrity, Leadership by Example, Presentation Skills, Speaking skill , Listening skill, Etiquette, Team Building, Conflict management, Financial Management, Emotional Intelligence, Health and Leadership, A Leader in an Interview session, Youth Restiveness, Drug Abuse, Organizing a Meeting, Roles of Leader as a secretary of a meeting and as a chairperson of a meeting, Thinking Drill, Financial Literacy, Communication Skill (clear and proper English) etc.
Entrepreneurship Skill
• First Aid, Driving, Make Up artist, Interior Decoration, Arts and Crafts, Tailoring, Barbing, Catering, Foreign Language etc.
• Desk Top Publishing, Graphics, Robotics, Software Development, Networking and Programing, Web designing. Etc.
• Site view/Guided Tours, Amusement and recreational parks, Game Reserves, Water falls.
• Video Games, Tennis, Cycling, Skating, Chess, Scrabble Drama skills, Dance skills and other forms of entertainment.
Expected Outcome
• Any grandaunt whether through Preparatory Course, Certificate or Advance course would have the following abilities and adequate exposure: Leadership Character, Willingness to accept responsibility, Seriousness of purpose, emotional Maturity, Consideration for others, ability to handle conflict, appropriate vocational skill, financial literacy and Creative minds, self-confidence and flexibility , powerful verbal and written competencies as well as optimistic life approach through sport /game engagement.

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Expert Instructors

Our instructors are specially handpicked based on their outstanding performance in their various fields of service.


Students who successfully complete the Jumali Teen Leadersip Training Program are always provided with certificates to prove that they have completed the training.

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